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Today's Show Us Your Life, is all about testimonies. I was blessed to grow up in the church where my parents laid the foundation for me. We went to church 3 times a week. I loved church and accepted the Lord into my heart when I was 5.

By the time I got to Junior High school, I was tired of going to church to be really honest. My sisters and I played soccer year round in Southern California and traveled alot because of it. We also played alot of games on Sunday. Soccer became my life and although I occasionally went to church, I was mainly going because my parents made me.

I got into high school and we changed churches. This was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. It was a big church, a few thousand members and they had a great youth group of about 300. I got really involved and made some really great friends. Friends that are near and dear to me to this day. I went to different camps and sang in the worship band.

When I was a junior in high school I went on a winter retreat to Hume Lake. I loved going to Hume Lake. There were churches from all over California and if I had to guess about 2000 high schoolers were there at one time. It was great. One night the pastor gave us a challenge after he spoke. He said, "When I tell you to, I want you all to exit the building and not say a word. I want you to go find a quiet place outside all by yourself to spend with God". I remember thinking to myself, Yeah right, like that's really going to happen. You know what? You could not hear one person talk as we all exited the sanctuary. It was the coolest thing ever.

To this day I can still remember where I went. It was snowing and freezing cold and I stood right in front of the lake. The moon was full and reflecting off the water and the stars were absolutely amazing. I stood there and cried and prayed for the Lord to forgive me for being so distant. I wanted to come back to Him. That night I rededicated my life to the Lord and made my faith my own. It was no longer my parents faith. It was mine.

When I got back home, I was baptized. I wanted to let everyone know I was serious about serving and following Him.


Paige said...

So cool...thanks for sharing. I love to read these stories because it is awesome to see how God draws us to Him (or back to Him) uniquely and strongly!

Have a great day!

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

This is awesome - thank you for putting it out there!!

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