Touch Down in Haiti

The team finally made it to Haiti this morning. I have not yet talked to Brian but we've exchanged texts. For him to get calls or make calls on his iPhone is 25 cents a minute so we will probably text more than talk because that only cost him 10 cents a text. That's on top of the $19.99 we had to pay for him to have the Haiti plan.

He did say it's absolutely gorgeous where he is staying. He is up on a hill, 3300 feet above sea level. It's north of Port-au-Prince in a city called Petionville. They are staying in the guest house of an orphanage. Today after lunch they were going to go scout out their work site where they will be building the house for the widow and her children tomorrow.

I will be talking with him tonight so I hope to be able to update you all a little more. I'll leave you with another little video my hubby did last night. Trying to make light of the fact that they were delayed by a day.

I don't know why when I post a video from YouTube it cuts it off. Sorry about that. If anyone can help me out and tell me how to fix it, I would be forever grateful. Just leave me a comment and let me know. Thanks.


Leanna said...

Glad to hear they finally made it.
And were having fun with the delay! :o)
God's timing is perfect so, we know they arrived right when He wanted them to.

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