Tuesday's Tip-Chalk Ink

I stumbled across this product this past weekend and I thought it would make a great Tuesday's Tip. It's called Chalk Ink and it's fabulous. It's what Starbucks and other coffee houses and sandwich shoppes have been using for years to get their menu boards looking so nice.

I love chalkboards. I'm not sure why I just do. However writing on them with chalk is another story. It's hard for me to get my handwriting to look nice on the board.

I decided to surf the web and see what I could find that would be more like a pen. I knew they existed, I just needed to find out where I could buy them. I was so excited when I found them, however I was not thrilled about the price. A four pack of Chalk Ink is $18.99 so I decided to check Michael's to see if they had them. Low and behold they did and their price was even better at $11.49. Now of course I didn't even pay that price.

I love coupons and I knew I could get them for half off. Did you know Michael's takes Jo-Ann and Hobby Lobby coupons? You bet they do. I had a 50% off coupon for Jo-Ann's so the markers cost me $6.50 including tax. Now that's a bargain.

They also have a pack of earth tones colors that are really pretty that I am going to get. They were out of them when I was there. The great thing about Chalk Ink is no matter how long it's been on a chalk board you can wipe it right off with a wet paper towel, but it won't smear if you touch it. It also writes on ceramic and glass and there is no chalk dust to deal with. How great is that? It's the little things that excite me these days.

I have a big chalk board that I love that's in our kitchen and I decided to write memory verses on it so the kids could learn a new one each week. I love it and it looks so much nicer in the Chalk Ink, even though my handwriting is not that great.

(This is not a great picture because I took it with my iPhone at night, but you get the idea).

Disclaimer: This is my opinion. I do not get paid to endorse any products that I suggest. I am not a doctor, nor do I play one on t.v. I am just a mom who enjoys researching the ingredients in the products my family uses and the foods that we eat. Thank you.


Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

Ohhh I love this!! I might be saving my half off coupon for this!

Shanon said...

Ok so question... how do you get it off the chalkboard?

Anonymous said...

I just used a wet papertowel and it comes right off. No soap needed.

The Lane Family said...

I am SO EXCITED about this post!! I too love chalk but it is messy and just not bold and bright!! I am on my way to Michael's tonight with 50% off coupon!!! Yeah!!

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