Haiti Bound. Well sort of.

So Brian and his brother Eddy and the rest of the team left for Haiti this morning at 4 am. I was snoozing away and didn't even hear them leave the house. I woke up at 8 this morning and decided to call Brian because he should've just landed in Miami. Should've was the operative word here. When I called him he said, "Did you get my text"? "No I haven't been downstairs yet to get my phone". Long and short of it they are still in Nashville. What?

They are flying American Airlines and the plane broke. So they have to fly from Nashville to Chicago and then on to Miami. You can't fly into Haiti at night so they have to stay in Miami tonight and get up super early in the morning to fly to Haiti.

I will be updating all week on their trip to Haiti. I hope to be posting video that Brian sends me as well so stay tuned. Please pray for their day that they won't be discouraged and that the rest of their flights will be on time and they can get to Haiti in the morning. Please pray for their safety while in Haiti and for the endurance that they need to get their work done. They are building a house for a widow and her children.

On behalf of Brian, Eddy and the rest of the team. Thank you for your prayers.

Update: Brian has two roles on this trip besides building. He is using his new iPhone to do video and editing and because he speaks French, he will also help translate. So here is his first short video. Enjoy!


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