A walk downtown

Today my sister Stacy met us downtown with her two girls Maiya and Samantha. Brooklyn and Sydney had school and their school is right in the heart of downtown so we decided to meet up and take them to all get cupcakes. We each had a coupon for a free cupcake so it was a pretty inexpensive outing.

When I picked up Brooklyn from school today I told her that we were going to meet her cousins to get a cupcake. She said, "Mommy I already had a cupcake at school. I have had way too much sugar today". I started to laugh. I guess she has heard me tell her that too much sugar is not good for you. That it can make you sick. However, by the time we had walked to the cupcake shop she had changed her tune.

The girls loved their cupcakes. After they finished we let them walk around downtown and they got to go to the toy shop. They had so much fun looking at all the toys and dolls. Stacy and I had fun too. We found something that we use to play with when we were kids back in California. Oh the memories. We both loved the pop sound it made and the smell it produced after it was dropped to the ground. Can you guess what it is?

Did you have one? They are so fun. Of course we had to buy one and show the girls how it worked. The older girls could do it, but the younger ones, Sammie and Sydney had a hard time. You have to hold it just right and drop it straight to the ground for it to pop. I love being able to show the girls something that their mama used to play with.

It was a beautiful and warm 83 degrees in the south today. A little too warm for my taste for Spring, but it's better than being cold. The girls love hangin with their cousins and I am so blessed that they all have each other to play with.


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