Off to the Windy City

Brian and I area headed to Chicago in the morning. I cannot wait. We are going for our anniversary. My parents are so great to watch the girls for us so we can get away. Thank you Auntie RoRo for helping them too.

One of the things I am looking forward to is the shopping. Our first stop is to IKEA. It is one of my favorite stores ever. We are renting a car for the day just so I can do some shopping there. I am also bringing a big suitcase to check so I can bring all my goodies back. They will probably look at me funny at the airport tomorrow when I check this big empty bag. It will be worth it. I have my catalog in hand and I'm ready to go.

We're staying at a famous hotel and I am so excited. It's been in some movies and alot of famous people have stayed there. Can you guess which one it is? We got a killer deal on Priceline and the best thing is that it's in the heart of downtown. Close to all the great shops and restaurants.

I better get packing. Have a great weekend everyone. I know I plan too.


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