A trip to the eye doctor

Today we had Brooklyn's yearly check up at the eye doctor. I told Brooklyn we had to go and she just started crying. She did not want to go. She was holding on to the banister on the stairs and just saying no mommy it will hurt. I tried to explain to her that it wouldn't hurt and that the doctor just wanted to look at her eyes. All she had to do was look at letters and pictures. She wasn't buying it. She cried all the way there and didn't want to go in when we got to the door. It took her about 10 minutes to finally calm down and cooperate. She finally started to lighten up and actually enjoy it. She kept asking the dr. what all the instruments were for and how they worked.

The doctor said her eyes were healthy, but she did have an astigmatism in her right eye and she was farsighted in her left eye. She would probably have to get reading glasses when she entered first grade. I think she is secretly wanting glasses. I am sure she will be thrilled.


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