Brooklyn's first Mighty Tike Triathalon

Bright and early this morning, 7:30 am, we headed down to Spring Hill so Brooklyn could participate in the 2nd annual Mighty Tike Triathalon. She was so excited. As daddy was putting her in the car she says, in all seriousness, "I'm gonna fall down, scrap my knees and it's gonna hurt". Daddy said, "Well if you do, you just get up and get back on the bike and keep going". We got to the Rec Center and all these little kids were there riding their bikes. It was so cute to see about 100 3-6 year olds warming up. Brooklyn was hesitant to start warming up and riding her bike because she didn't want to hit anyone. We convinced her to start riding and she was getting the hang of it, until all of a sudden her bike tipped over and down she went. Brian ran over to her to make sure she was ok. She was fine, but she did scrape her knee. I was such a proud mama, because then, just like daddy had told her, she got back up on her bike and started riding again. We had to wait about 20 minutes for her heat to start, but then they lined up and got ready to go.

And they were off. Down the track they went. She got to ride with her cousins. (Maiya, in the orange helmet and Sammie, in the red helmet). She was slow getting started but then she got the confidence she needed to speed up. They went around the track twice, on the second lap she saw daddy cheering her on and said, "Daddy I am getting sweaty". She kept on going and finished the second lap and then came the transition to the running part of the race. She had to run through hoops and over and under hurdles. (I don't have a picture of the running portion because I was video taping too.) Then came the swim portion. Which as you can see from the pictures, they had to run through the sprinklers. She got soaking wet, but she loved it. The lifeguard in the background makes it all the more classic.

She crossed the finish line and received a medal. We took a picture with all 3 of them and Brooklyn was raising her hands. I didn't get it until Brian told me that she sees people raising their hands after a big race. (She likes to watch marathon's and triathlons on t.v. with daddy). They had lots of snacks for the kids when they were done, just like they do after a race for the big people. It was great. They had so much fun. After the race we took them to Donut Palace to get a post race donut. A good time was had by all. Good job #83. We are so proud of you.
Sydney didn't get to participate because she was only 2. Next year Siddo.


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