A trip to the dentist

Today the girls had an appointment with the dentist. It was Brooklyn's third time and Sydney's first. I made them for the same time which was nice because I could sit in between the two chairs in case either one of them needed me. Brooklyn was an old pro. She didn't ask for me once. She did such a good job. She even picked out her flavor of toothpaste all by herself. Her flavor of choice this time was grape. I didn't know how Sydney would do because the child never wants to sit still for even 1 minute, but as soon as she laid down on the chair she was fine. Maybe it had to do with the blinding light in her eyes. The glasses they gave her to wear were too big, so they didn't help much. I sat with her and held her hand. She took blanky along for comfort and found a doggy in the waiting room that she wanted to hold onto. I had to keep reminding her to open her mouth because she kept closing it. Her favorite was the strawberry toothpaste. She kept trying to lick it while the hygienist was trying to put it on her teeth. Everything checked out great for both girls. They each took a little rubber snake home and a new toothbrush and floss. We'll see ya in 6 months Dr. Buzz.


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