One of those days.....

Have you ever had one of those days you feel overwhelmed being a mom? Today was one of those days. I sit here completely exhausted with Sydney Kate next to me watching "Oso" a new Disney show, and Brooklyn running around the house naked, well almost naked. She has socks on. The child doesn't like clothes. I hope that runs its course by the time she's a teenager. Daddy just left to get a haircut and I don't have the energy to go upstairs and take on the challenge of bath time. So it will have to wait until he gets home. It's been one of those days where the girls just kept getting on each others nerves and subsequently getting on mine. Here are the events that took place today. Nap time was short, Sydney gave Brooklyn a fat lip when she hit her with her sippy cup, Sydney Kate peed through her diaper at Target causing me to go all the way home to get new pants. Note to self: Keep a change of clothes in the car for the next time there is an accident. I lost it with Brooklyn today when she just kept mouthing off to me. I said, "Brooklyn shut your mouth". Not something I am proud of yelling to my 3 year old, but at the time I just wanted quiet. To which she replied, "Mommy I don't want to keep my mouth closed". It cracked me up. Although I made sure she didn't see me laugh. Then to top things off tonight she came home with a caterpillar from the playground, which is fine, until she took him on the deck and decided that he needed a bath in the big bubble container. Needless to say that was the end of that. She said, "Mommy he's not moving". I said, "Thats because you killed him honey". "He can't play in bubbles." We had a discussion about dying and she said "He can't come back mommy". I knew she understood and I think she was a little sad. Then I remembered that today is Earth Day. What a day to kill a one of God's creatures. R.I.P. Mr. Caterpillar.

Tomorrow will be another day. One hopefully a little better than today, but even if it's not I am a blessed girl. I am blessed that the Lord loves me despite my faults as a mom, a wife, and a human being. I am blessed that my girls love me no matter what and I am blessed that my husband sticks around and puts up with my crazy moods. Most importantly I am thankful for God's gift of forgiveness. His mercies are new every morning. That I know.


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