Addicted to Reading Blogs

Ok so I thought Facebook was addicting, but it seems like I've become even more addicted to reading blogs. Most of the blogs I read have to do with babies. Especially babies who are sick. Motherhood has softened me quite a bit and it's also connected me with other mothers in a way I never would have imagined. Even women who I've never met. The fascinating thing about most of the blogs I read is that these women have a passion for the Lord. Some have lost children, others are watching their children cling to life, yet they remain so faithful to the Lord through it all. I guess I can relate somehow having lost a child myself. You face inexplicable pain, yet there is a sense of peace that comes over you. I hate that my daughter is not here to play with her sisters, but yet I have hope that one day I will see her again. So I feel like I have a connection with these women in some way. Some of my favorite blogs are, and I have prayed for these moms and their babies. I can't tell you how many times I have read their blogs and wept over them. You see we really are all connected. We're moms. Moms that love their children and would die for them. I am so blessed to have my girls. I count it a privilege that God chose me to be their mom.

So here is my go at a blog. I might not be as eloquent of a writer as some of the moms are, but since I don't journal I felt like this was a way I could record what is going on with our family and what the Lord girls were up to. So if you are checking in for the first time. Welcome!


jennifer said...

giving you a new comment to an old post! i too, have recently become addicted :) to blogs. and i too, have just attempted to begin my own. it truly is so encouraging to connect with other women through this. who needs magazines and tv anymore? this is way more fun!

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