Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday Jesus!

In an attempt to keep our family and friends updated on the lives of Brooklyn & Sydney Kate, as well as mommy and daddy. I've decided to start a blog. I will say upfront I am not one to keep a journal so I'm not sure how this will go or how long I will keep this up, but I thought I would give it a try.

We had a great Christmas morning. The girls actually woke up before mommy did. Big shocker there. Daddy came down and got the video camera ready for when the girls headed downstairs. This is a tradition my dad started when me and my 3 sisters were little. Every family Christmas had to be videotaped and it seemed like it took my dad an hour to get it set up. There were 4 little girls yelling from the hall, "Daddy is it ready yet". My dad would yell back, "Just a minute girls almost done". When he gave the all clear we burst through the door and into the room to find our presents. That's another thing we did. My parents hid our gifts for us to find. So this morning I told Brian he had to go down and hide the girls presents from Santa. It was fun to watch the girls this year open their presents. Brooklyn is now 3 and Sydney is 21 months so they had fun ripping the paper open. Brooklyn got a kid digital camera, a baby doll and an atlas from daddy. Not a big shocker there. She loves maps just like her daddy. She found Australia on the map and said, "That's where sissy lives". Too funny. Also, her favorite flag is from the small country of Djibouti (pronounced Jabooty). You can see why this is her favorite flag. In case you were wondering, "Where the heck is Djibouti", it is at the bottom of the Red Sea across from Yemen. It took her all of about 5 seconds to find it in a sea of flags. That girl is one smart cookie just like her daddy, but I will post more on that later. She blows me away with the things she already knows and she's only 3. Brooklyn had asked Santa for a pink bouncy ball, but apparently he was all out at the North Poll. She asked me, "Mommy where is my bouncy ball?" She got her first lesson in you don't always get what you ask for. It's funny how they notice the things they don't get even more than the things they do. It makes me realize that we are not much different than little children. How often do I dwell on the things I don't have rather than the things I do have? Often I will have to admit. The Lord has blessed me with so much, 2 beautiful girls, a nice house and a wonderful husband, yet there seems to always be something more that I feel like I need or deserve. Thank you Lord for reminding me through the eyes of my daughter. Back to the presents, Sydney got a shopping cart with food, another baby doll she can take in the bathtub and Elmo. She got 2 baby dolls this year and she's still trying to steal her sisters. She walks around with a pile of dolls in her arms. Too cute.

We did another Darin family tradition that we do every Christmas. Can't remember how old I was when we started this, but we get Svenhard's Swedish Rolls and heat them up in the microwave and have those for breakfast. It's the only time all year we have these rolls. It always reminds me of Christmas as a child. I think I am still in a sugar coma. We've had a wonderful morning and hopefully Brian and I might get to take in a movie if papa is willing to babysit this afternoon. Then we head up to Indiana early in the morning to be with Brian's family. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and may you remember the real reason for the season. God sent His one and only son for us as a babe so that we may have eternal life. Thank you for this awesome Gift.


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