Surprise Party at Last

My wonderful hubby surprised me with a dinner at P.F. Chang's last night with some of our friends. I couldn't believe it. I don't think I've ever really had a surprise party before. I thought we were going to dinner to celebrate our anniversary which was April 7th, but instead surprised me with a celebration for my birthday which is on Monday, the 20th. We had a wonderful time. After dinner we hung out with our friends at Nucci's for Gelato. Yummo! Oh I have to say how he let me "choose" the restaurant, or so I thought. He had a box with 3 sets of colored envelopes in them. One for dinner, one for dessert, and one for a surprise later. Later I found out all 3 dinner envelopes had P.F. Chang's in them. The next set of envelopes said dessert at aLoft, which is a new local hotel that is tre' chic. I was so excited. Then he said, actually we have a room here. We're going to spend the night. "WHAT"? I was thrilled. I really wanted to see the hotel, but was even more excited that I was going to have a good night sleep with no interruptions from little humans and that we could sleep in. The best gift ever. We ended up renting a movie in the room, "Slumdog Millionaire". Which was really good. This morning we woke up and had breakfast at Cracker Barrel before getting the girls from my parents house. A wonderful evening thanks to my awesome husband. I love you baby! You are the best.

I want to make sure I post about the girls everyday and the funny things they do. There is usually something everyday that makes me laugh. We went to the playground in our neighborhood and there were a ton of caterpillars. Brooklyn loved them. She let one of them crawl all over her. She wanted to take it home which I thought was fine. We got home and she showed her friend Grace the caterpillar which she name Sag, I think. Random I know. Then we told her it was time to let him go in the yard. She was ok with that thankfully. No meltdown. Tonight when I put her to sleep she said, "Mommy I want to go get my caterpillar"? I said, "No honey he needs to sleep outside. Bugs belong outside because if they come inside they will die." That was that. No more questions about her new friend. I'm sure she will look in the front yard before church in the morning to see if she can find her new friend.

Sydney continues to be Sydney. Sometimes I swear she is my son. After we named her Sydney Kate, it dawned on us in the hospital that she had the first and middle names of our 2 favorite characters on t.v. Sydney Bristow from Alias and Kate from Lost. Sydney has some pretty tough characteristics like our favorite characters. She is very athletic and loves the challenge. Brian took her to Toys R Us the other day and she tried to pull out a 25 ft. floor to ceiling support beam out of the ground. She can also pick up a 10 pound medicine ball with ease. She's also super fast I must add. The other day at the park she literally took off and ran about 100 yards down the sidewalk before I could catch her. I had a woman in heels try to catch her and she said, "I'm sorry ma'am I have heels on and I just can't get her. I had to sprint to catch her. I told Brian if she's not a track star I will be surprised. My girls are the best and I am so blessed to be their mommy.


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