Waiting for Birds

Today we put up our birdhouse on the deck and filled it with a bunch of seeds that are supposed to attract all the pretty birds. I sat it on the deck and told the girls to go inside so the birds would come. They were so excited. They sat by the window and watched and watched and watched. Nothing. No birds. Brooklyn said, "Mommy where are the birds"? I said, "You have to give them time to realize the bird food is there honey". She just looked so sad. I felt bad that they weren't coming. Normally we will have a few each day that will come and sit on the railing of the deck when there is no food. Go figure we put food out and no birds come to visit. Hopefully tomorrow they will come. I guess we'll see.

I had a great time sitting in at Brooklyn's school today in her class. It was teacher appreciation day and the teachers got to go have a really nice lunch outside. It was fun to see how Brooklyn behaved and interacted with the other kids. Of course she didn't want to leave my side the whole time which didn't surprise me one bit. We played with playdough and then we sat with them while they ate. She ate her whole sandwhich. Now if I can only get her to eat her lunch when I am not there that would be great. I have a whole new appreciation for teachers and I was only in her class a little over an hour. I was not born to be a teacher that's for sure. Mom and dad you are my hero's. Especially my dad who taught in the Los Angeles area for more than 30 years. Don't know how you did it but thank you. Like Oprah says, "Teachers should be the highest paid people in the world"and I agree with her 100%. So all you teachers out there, A BIG THANK YOU!


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