A Day With NO......

TV. You must be thinking, did the poor girl lose power? Thankfully it did not go out seeing how it was so hot today. That might have made this experience just a little bit harder. I didn't plan on not watching t.v. it just sort of happened. It was around 9:30 a.m. and I realized I hadn't turned on the t.v. yet which is a phenomenon in itself because I usually turn it on as soon as I get up. So I thought, why not try to keep it off all day. Could I do it? You see I am one that has the t.v. on way too much. Even if I am not watching it I like to have it on for noise. I know that's crazy. I get enough noise with 2 toddlers in the house, but for some reason I like to have it on. I've been feeling convicted that the girls watch too much t.v. Most of the shows they watch are educational, so I passed it off as learning. After today I have changed my tune. It was great having the t.v. off. So I know what your thinking. What did you do all day? Well here is how my day went. Ate breakfast, played for 2 hours, went to Publix to get groceries, came home and ate lunch, girls took 2 hour naps, went to the gym, came home and the girls played in their new water table while I made dinner, ate dinner, girls played upstairs with the blocks while daddy mowed the lawn, read books and in bed by 8 p.m.

It was a great day without the t.v. I loved not having that extra noise. I can't believe I am saying that. During our morning playtime the girls and I went into Sydney Kate's closet with the lights off (she has a huge closet the size of a bathroom) and played with all of their toys that light up. They loved it. I couldn't believe we did that for an hour. Brooklyn didn't ask for t.v. until tonight before bed, which we cut out tv from dinner on like 3 weeks ago so I'm not sure why she asked then. Syd asked 3 times today and I just said no we're not watching it today and she was fine. We even cut out watching the t.v. in the SUV. Instead I put a cd of their kids Bible music on. They loved singing all the way to the gym. I decided tonight that Monday's from now on will be t.v. free. I encourage you to give it a try. See what fun and creative things you can think of doing. I am going to continue to cut back on t.v. daily and see what happens. Who knows, maybe one day we'll decide to get rid of them altogether. Although not sure how that would fly with Brian during football, basketball and baseball season. I think I would miss my HGTV too much as well.


Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it, but Syd did actually watch TV that morning. She kept asking for ESPN's Sportscenter so she could watch basketball highlights. I told her 'no', but she kept saying "I want Top 10 Plays, daddy, I want Top 10 Plays!" and so I finally gave in.

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