Great Flood of 2010

We are experiencing rain like we have never seen before in our state's history. We have had 5 months worth of rain in 2 days. Streets are closed, rescue teams are out in full force, homes have been lost and even a portable classroom from a nearby high school went sailing down I-24 just east of Nashville. It's incredible and we are not there to experience it. We are up in Indiana visiting my sister in law and her new triplets.

I'm glad we're not home so the kids aren't cooped up in the house, but it is weird not being able to check on our house or be able to know what is going on except for what we see on the t.v. I have been glued to the weather channel and been on the phone every few hours getting a report from my mom and dad who are stuck in their house.

Churches have been canceled. In fact, our church is a Red Cross shelter right now. The police are telling people to stay home unless it's an emergency. The bad part is that the rain keeps coming down with no end in sight. Just got word that Vanderbilt Childrens Hospital has flooding and they are at risk for oxygen and electrical failure. Lord, please protect these children!

This is a huge park where we take the kids. I can't believe it. You can't see any of the playground at all. So sad.
We are headed back home tomorrow, but will have to see if we can get home. Right now I-65 is shut down so we will have to wait and see.

Please pray for all involved with this severe weather. It's not just the state of Tennessee, but Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana and Kentucky. To all my friends and family. Be safe. Love to you all.


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