Disney Bound

We are heading to Orlando tomorrow. The girls are so excited they can barely stand it. We do this trip every year with my family. In fact our first trip Sydney was only 2 months old. What was I thinking? I do not recommend that at all. This was our trip to Disneyland last year in California. We went home to celebrate my grandma's 90th birthday.

The whole Darin clan rents a condo which makes it so affordable and convenient. It's $80 a night and when you split that between the families it costs me only $200 for the whole week we are there. Now that's a bargain. The condo has 4 bedrooms, 3 baths and it's own screened in pool. It's in a gated community and right down the street from Chick-fil-a. Could it get any better than that?

There is a also a Publix (my favorite grocery store ever) down the road where we go shopping and then we eat breakfast in the condo, pack sandwiches for the lunch and then eat dinner in the park. That way you aren't spending an arm and a leg for food.

We are flying there on good ole' Southwest and then driving home with my parents. The girls are so excited to fly. It's been awhile since they've been on a plane. I'm just thankful it's a short 90 minute flight. I've been coaching Sydney for the last month or so on how important it is that she stay in her seat. She's my wiggle worm and wants to roam the plane at all times. So this morning when she woke up I told her there was only 1 more sleep til we fly to Florida. She said, "Mommy when the pilot says to stay in your seat you have to stay in your seat". Ah, she got it. Now let's see if she will follow through.

I better get to packing. I'll be bringing my laptop, camera and Flip so that I can capture it all. Hopefully I will get a chance to blog when I have some down time.

Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I found this video on YouTube and had to post it. The words are pretty in your face, but it made me realize how often I complain about things in life when I have no business complaining compared to what our men and women are going through right now. I am so grateful to every man and woman who has served our country. For the wives, husbands, children and parents that they leave behind, Thank you. For those that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. We can never repay you. Thank you seems to be not enough. (Grab a Kleenex).


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