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I feel like life is going 100 miles an hour and I have no brakes.  August is a crazy month for us.  3 birthdays, Jonathan, Brian and Brooklyn's, school starts, soccer starts and family is usually in town, celebrating said birthdays.  Phew! 

Today, Sydney had orientation at her new school and she got to meet her teacher.  She is so excited.  Her teacher Ms. G is wonderful.  I know Sydney is going to have a great year.  She will start Tuesday and go 4 days a week.  I already have a list a mile high of the stuff that needs to be done around the house.

As if August wasn't busy enough, I tackled redecorating our laundry room.  I was sort of forced in to updating it, when an upstairs toilet leaked and sent water rushing down the walls of the laundry room and soaking a part of the drywall and ceiling.  My awesome brother in law, Bill, came to our rescue and fixed it for us.  Here's a shot of it before: 
Ain't she a beauty Clark?  What was I thinking when I painted a small room bright turquoise?  I was so glad to get rid of that awful color.  You can see where my brother in law had to rip out the drywall.  I have a few more finishing touches to add to the room and then it will be complete.  Can't wait to show you the new and much improved laundry room.  I actually don't dread laundry anymore.

My next project is our home office.  I love this room because it's at the front of the house and the same brother in law that fixed our laundry room, also built custom bookshelves in our office.  Yeah, he's pretty great, right?  If you are local to Nashville, and would like his information, just shoot me an email and I can put you in touch with him.  He does awesome work.  So I love the bookshelves, but they are a total disaster.  We moved in 4 years ago and I stuck stuff up there and haven't moved it since.  I got tired of looking at it, so today, I took everything off the shelves and put it all on the floor.  I've read that's really the only way to tackle a project like this.

My plan is to add some wall paper to the back of the bookcase, to give it some visual interest and soften up the hard lines a bit.  We have a custom desk, that Bill made as well, that matches the bookcase.  I took everything out of the desk too, so it pretty much looks like a mine field right now.  I have to keep the doors locked so the girls don't get in there.  I'm afraid they might get hurt.

I'm off on a girls weekend with my sisters and my mom.  I am so pumped.  We are gonna shop, eat, watch movies, and eat some more.  Looking forward to some much needed girl time and maybe some sleep.  Have a great long weekend everyone.  Stay Safe!


happymomof2 said...

Yah for girls weekend!!! Have an awesome, fun and relaxing time:)
I hear ya on the busy busy month! My son and daughter started school (separate schools so separate orientations etc); soccer started for my son, gymnastics for my daughter, son and daughters bday three weeks apart and oh my hubby gets sent out of town for 10 days too! I think I need a girls weekend too;)

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