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I decided to take Sydney to a new doctor to see if we can pin point what is causing her tummy aches.  This doctor is an MD, but practices alternative medicine.  Basically, instead of treating the symptoms with medicine, he tries to get to the route of the problem.  Most of the time with diet change, you can cure alot of ailments.

Today they had to do a blood draw.  I have been dreading this for over a week since I made the appointment.  At the last appointment they had to prick her finger to check her iron and she went crazy.  She cried and cried.  I had visions of this being much worse, flailing on the table and blood going everywhere.  Ok, maybe I've watched to many episodes of ER, but none the less, I was not too excited about today.

I made Brian go with me.  I was not going to try to hold her down by myself.  Don't let that sweet smile fool you, Sydney is one tough cookie.  Well, it turns out I didn't need Brian after all.  Syd did awesome.  She started to cry as they put the band on her arm and then when the nurse stuck the needle in, she cried a little harder, but she held still so they could get 2 vials of blood.

She was so proud of her sparkly bandaids.  I promised her a special treat if she did a great job at the doctor.  I kept my promise.  She picked out some rainbow popcorn and boy did she love it. 

We should have the results in 4 weeks.  The bloodwork will tell us what foods she is sensitive to and we will cut those out of her diet to see if that makes a difference.  Please be in prayer that we can find the culprit.  I am so tired of seeing my baby in pain.


Anonymous said...

Would you mind sharing the name of the MD. I am struggling with allergy injections, I started in march. Thank you.

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