Slumber Party

I can't say that I am fully recovered from this weekend, but I am getting there.  You see, I had 8 4, 5 and 6 year olds at my house on Friday night for a slumber party.  Some of you are probably thinking, has this chick lost her mind.  The answer is quite possibly, yes.  I really don't know what I was thinking when I told Brooklyn she could invite some friends over to spend the night for her 6th birthday. 

The girls ate pizza, made a craft (I'll post at a later date a fun thing to do with your child), Brooklyn opened presents, ate cake, played Wii Dance and then ate popcorn and watched a movie.  By 11:00 I was pooped, but they were still going.  I let them watch another movie.  Earlier in the day, I had told my girls that if they took a nap they could stay up as late as they wanted.  Again, what was I thinking?  Well they took that message to heart.  They were all still up at 1 am.  Yes you heard me right.  1 am.  Finally the birthday girl crawled in her bed and was out.  Then Sydney followed.  One of the girls was missing her mommy, so I had to make a phone call to her mom at 1:30 in the morning.  My poor friend Brandi had to come pick her daughter up.  Sorry girl.  Then it was time for Brooklyn's friend Gracie to miss her mommy and daddy.  Luckily she lives one house over so I walked her home.  By then the only 2 left were my nieces and they were stuck.  :)  They ended up falling asleep quickly.

Needless to say, I took a 3 hour nap with my girls yesterday.  I couldn't see straight I was so tired.  It had been a long week with family in town and Brooklyn's first 2 days of kindergarten.  Thankfully it was a fun week and many memories were made.  Isn't that what it's all about?

I'm going to post more this week of Brooklyn's party with pictures.  I think I took about 100 and I am too tired to go through and edit them, so I will leave you with an awesome video of the girls doing Wii Dance.  The best part of the night was when Brooklyn said to me, "This is the best day ever".


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