Back to School Shopping

Back to School time was one of my favorites as a kid.  I loved it.  I have fond memories of my mom taking  me and my 3 sisters to the store.  I loved picking out all the school supplies, including a few of these bad boys, Pee Chee folders.  In case you are not as old as I am, or you'd like to walk down memory lane, here is what they looked like.
Now do you remember them?  The best part, hands down, was picking out my new lunch box for the year.

It was all about Charlie's Angels and of course these babies.

Yep, had to have a jelly bag, with a bandana in the inside, and the jelly shoes to go with it.

And who could forget the rainbow shirt.  Not this girl.  In fact my sisters and I all had one.  Oh if I could only find the picture.  I actually may hunt for it because it's hilarious.

Memories, light the corners of my mind, misty water colored memories, of the way we were.

O.K., so where was I?  Oh, yeah, this was supposed to be about Brooklyn going back to school shopping.

We had a tax free weekend (on anything school related, supplies, clothes, etc.) here in Tennessee.  Some of you may have those weekends as well in your state. For us, it's an almost 10% savings, 9.25% to be exact.  Yes, we have a high sales tax, but we don't pay state income tax, so I guess it works out well.

On Friday, I took Brooklyn on a mommy, daughter date.  My dad took Sydney out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, her favorite, so I could spend some alone time with my big girl.  We went out for breakfast at our favorite downtown restaurant.  She loves their French Toast as you can see.

We went over the supplies list at breakfast.  She wanted to know everything that was on it.

Poor thing, she was sleepy.  You can see it in her eyes. There was no rest for the weary, however.  We were on a mission.  That mission would lead us here:
Where we would buy all of this:

We actually did well.  It came to around $28 for all of the stuff she needed for school.  My mom already had the nap mat, thanks Nana, so I didn't have to purchase one.  I'd say she's all ready to start school next week.

Speaking of school, we went to tour the brand new building today.  They literally just finished laying the sod last week.  Talk about in the nick of time.  School starts for 1st-5th graders this Thursday.  It's a gorgeous campus.  I was supposed to take pictures and when I got to the school, the battery was dead. I was so bummed.  Oh well, I'm sure there will be many picture taking moments on the first day.

She's been wanting to meet her principle since I told her that papa knew her.  My parents met us up at the school and my dad introduced her to Dr. L.  One good thing about the grandparents being in the same school district for 10 years, they know a lot of the faculty members.  My dad talked to Dr. L today about subbing at Brooklyn's school.  I like the idea of her papa being up at her school.

It was a busy weekend for us and I am beat.  We have one week left of summer vacation and I don't have one thing planned.  I better think of something quick or this mama might go crazy.  How are you spending the last few days of summer?


happymomof2 said...

You did good on your back to school purchases! I couldn't believe what was on my daughters school list- 20 glue sticks, headphones to name a few. Unfortunately I was not able to do as good as you with the spending. Good luck with the start of school we start next week too.
I remember a few items you posted, the gelly shoes, the lunch box etc... We weren't allowed to wear the gelly shoes to school:(
This week it looks like it's finally going to "cool" off into the 80's so we are going to try and get outside and enjoy some activities we haven't been able to like the zoo and picnic lunch at the park. Cram as much fun in these last few days of our summer!

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