"Tuesday's Tip" (Reusable Grocery List)

I think we can all use something that makes our grocery shopping a little more simple and easy. I am not one who loves to grocery shop especially when I have the girls in tow. I love this list because it's so easy to make and use. The idea is to create a reusable shopping list. I created a word document and listed the stores, along with the items I buy most from those stores, and then laminated it. Did you know they have self laminating pages at office supply stores? That makes it really easy. If you are a teacher you probably have access to a laminating machine at your school. I take a dry erase pen and circle the items that I need to buy. I left room on the page to write in items that I needed that weren't on the list. It's that simple. You can even take this to the store as your list. It's very durable and will hold up well. It's easy for everyone in the house to use and it takes the guess work out of things you need to buy because it's all right there, staring back at you. I hope you've enjoyed this tip. Happy grocery shopping!


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