iPhone Pictures

I love having my iPhone because I am always ready for a shot. The pictures aren't as great as if I were to take them with my Nikon, but at least I can capture the moment. Here are some of my favorites that I've taken over the last week or so.

Let's start with Sydney Kate. What a character! I swear she is 2 going on 10. She comes up with the craziest things to say and she constantly makes me laugh. In the car on the way home from school yesterday she said, "Mommy, I did craps". First I was thinking, what kind of school teaches 2 year old's how to gamble? Then I realized that Brooklyn had just told me she did crafts at school and that Sydney was copying her. I laughed so hard. You had to be there I guess. It was just the way she said it. Sydney is also my messy one. She can't eat anything or play with anything without it getting all over.
She fell asleep eating apples and Nutella. I didn't realize it til I heard her crying. Her head had gone forward and she hit her mouth on the counter top. I ran and got my iPhone and my dad held up her head so I could get a picture. Priceless!

Thank God for washable markers! You should have seen her legs. It looked like a rainbow threw up on them.

Brooklyn is my little model. She always wants to take pictures. She will do something funny or cute and say, "Mommy get your camera and take a picture of me." I would be a bad mommy if I said no, so here are some of those moments captured on my iPhone.

Brooklyn took this picture herself while laying on the floor. It came out looking very artistic.

She loves to wear hats. She would have walked out of the store like that if I would have let her.


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