Ups and Downs

I'm having one of those days.  I know we all have them, but today just plain stinks.  I really want to throw myself a pity party right here and now, but I'm going to refrain.  Really, what would it help anyway.  It wouldn't do anything but letting the devil get an even bigger foothold into my life than he already has.

In a nutshell, I have a migraine and the dizziness is getting worse.  How can this be?  I finally have a diagnosis and therapy to help it, but it's not. Would you please pray for me?  I'm at the end of my rope.  I called my hubby in tears today at the office.  I hate doing that, but sometimes I just have to and it's better to break down to him, then in front of the girls.

So as sweet and supportive as only my man can be, he blogged about it.  You can read it here.  He doesn't know I am writing this, but if you would love to leave him a comment on his blog, that would be awesome.  He would be thrilled.  I'd love to do a little something for him to say thank you for taking such good care of me.  Thanks y'all. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Krista! My best to you! I was diagnosed with MdDS almost 3 years ago!! Hang in there!! I wish I could tell you it gets better....but here I am almost 3 years later web surfing still for a cure!!! What a lovely family you have. Very Blessed. My two are all grown up now! I was wondering what kind of exercises your doctor has you doing. Do you think they are helping at all? Like you, I have better and worse days...but always there!!! Sitting on the dock of the bay has been my theme song for quite some time!!! Haa to you!! Sandy

Krista said...

Thank you Sandy for posting. It's great to "meet" you. :) The exercises aren't helping unfortunately. I wish I could say they were. Do you take anything for your symptoms? I am about at that point where I may try something to see if I get any relief. It's awful. Please email me. I would love to chat with you. Have a great night. Krista

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