Tuesday's Tip (Glass Jars)

I decided to start doing a "Tip of the day" on Tuesday's. Some of these tips will be ones I have come up with and some will be ones that others have given me. This tip I came up with when I decided to stop storing my food in plastic containers. From everything I have read plastic is not a great option and never heat anything up in the microwave in plastic. There are toxins that are released from the plastic that get into your food. Yuck! Anyway, I buy Del Monte peaches in bulk at Costco (4 to a pack for $7.99) and they come in glass jars. I thought why not reuse those jars to keep my fruits and veggies in. The other great thing about this is that everything is prewashed and cut and all I have to do is get the jar out of the refrigerator and eat. It makes it handy that I can see through the jar and know when it's time to buy more. Cleaning them is simple. I just put the jar in the dishwasher and I'm done. I think I've accumulated about 15 jars.

The original jar of peaches you can see on the left. Then I have olives, grapes, strawberries and carrots. You can really put so much in these jars and you are recycling at the same time. I love it.
Another thing I stumbled across this week has to do with raisins. The girls love raisins. They like them in the little boxes. Well that gets expensive to buy them in the little boxes instead of the big container, so I bought a big container and a package of little boxes and as the girls finish their raisins out of the little boxes, I refill them with those from the big container. Just another way to recycle and save money.

If you have a tip that you would like to share please email me. I would love to hear it.


jennifer said...

i use glass jars for storage too and i love it. we also use them for craft supplies which work wonderfully. little jars for little trinkets, big jars for larger supplies. and it just feels good to be grabbing glass rather than plastic! and looks prettier too.

Deborah Barnett said...

I'm a jar saver too! I have pasta sauce jars, pickle jars, fruit jars, etc that now hold all my dried spices (which I buy in bulk at the Farmer's Market instead of the grocery... ex: 16oz of thyme is $1.99 vs Kroger's 3oz for $3.49 !).

Just discovered your blog Krista! I have 2 blogs, one is a cooking recipe blog at http://debsperfectbite.blogspot.com/ and the other is just an online journal http://mzunguinmaking.blogspot.com/

I'll have to put you on my blog roll!
Hope you all are well.

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