No More Diapers!!!!

I didn't set out to potty train Sydney this weekend, but that's just what happened. Yesterday, she pulled off her wet diaper and I was busy and didn't put another one on right away. All of a sudden she said, "mommy I got to go potty". So I rushed and stuck her on the potty and she went pee pee. I was thrilled. So I decided to leave her naked for the day to see what happened. A little later she was sitting on the counter stool and said, "uh oh mommy I went potty". No big deal. She was in the kitchen on the hardwoods so it was easy to clean. I knew that she was aware of it and that's what mattered. The rest of the day she told me when she had to go and she went. We have this song we sing that we made up when the girls reach a milestone, like no more bottle or paci. It goes, "Sydney is a big girl, a big girl, a big girl, Sydney is a big girl she goes pee pee on the potty." So we started to sing and she was so excited. This morning she woke up and told daddy, "no more diapers daddy. I wear panties". Whoohoo! So she is running around naked again today. Thankfully it's super hot out so it works out great. She just had her first poo poo's too. Yeah. I'm going to buy pullups today (for nap and nighttime) and get rid of the diapers all together. Brooklyn was alot harder to train, so I am thankful Syd got it so easily. I'm sure she will have more accidents, which is fine. I'm gonna have to keep a little potty in the car because she can't hold it that long. If you don't rush to get her on the potty when she says she has to go she'll have an accident. Daddy found that out the hard way this afternoon. I'm thrilled to be done with diapers. It will be nice to put that money towards something else.


Melissa Hambrick said...

I am so jealous.

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