"Tuesday's Tip" (Storage)

I love to clean. Well, I used to before I had kids because I could do it a couple of days a week and be done. Now I have to clean daily and sometimes I feel like most days that's all I do. I know so many of you can relate. I told my mom I was looking for a mini dustpan and she said she had one I could have. She wasn't using it. She found this one at Walmart. (Thanks Mom!) I use it only for cleaning the counter tops and table. It never touches the floor. I have another one for that. It works great for getting all the messy crumbs off the counter. It's just easier than using a paper towel and trying to catch the mess in your hands. When I do that it seems like it falls on the floor and then I have another mess to clean up.

This next tip is one of my favorites. Once again I am recycling. I try to do that as often as I can. I have a bunch of these around the house (thanks to my parents who drop them off when they are done eating their snacks) and one day I got the idea of transferring my unused paint into these containers instead of keeping it in their original metal ones. I like to do "touch ups" from time to time when I can. I will never understand why kids feel the need to color on the walls. Can someone explain that one to me please? My walls look like we've lived here for 10 years and it hasn't even been 2 yet. I digress. Anyway, this is great because you can see the color through the container and you just unscrew the lid, dip your brush in and screw the lid right back on. No messing with the screwdriver to help you pop open the lid of the can and then hammering it back on when you are done. This is air tight so it keeps the paint from drying out. I keep mine in a cupboard in the garage so sunlight can't damage the paint. That reminds me that I have about 6 paint cans that I need to transfer into containers. Guess I should go do that now.


Brian said...

It's hard to get a sense of scale by looking at the picture, but if you were to put a quarter beside the pair sweeper/dust pan, it would be just smaller than the dust pan.

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