Tuesday's Tip (Snack idea)

I can't take credit for this new way to serve my girls a snack. I got it from MckMama's blog and thought it was a great idea that I had to try. My girls are picky eaters and don't eat a whole lot anyway, so I thought this might get them to eat more. It worked. They loved it. There is so much you can put in it. I actually feed them lunch alot of the time in it as well.

Today they had strawberries, turkey, olives, grapes, laughing cow cheese, crackers and pretzels. Usually I have baby carrots as well, but they wanted 2 fruits instead. I purchased the cupcake holders at JoAnn's for $5.99 (after I used a 50% coupon, reg. $9.99) I like the silicon ones instead of the metal pans. I tried the metal pans that I got from the dollar store and they rusted the second day, so I tried these and love them. The nice thing too is that you can leave it out (if you don't have anything that will go bad) and they can sit and snack on it when they want. It also keeps them from fighting over it because they each have their own one. They have them in different colors as well. Let me know if you try it and how your kids like it. I'd be interested to see if it worked for you.

(Yes it is noon and my girls are still in their nightgowns. At least they have clothes on. They wanted them off and I said they had to wait until I took their picture.)


Anonymous said...

Great idea!! I love that you can leave it out and let them eat it when they want.

Melissa said...

If you want another really cute idea, go to www.sillycone.us. They have great silicone trays (like you used) but they make them in numbers and letters and symbols. As a mommy I can think of so many fun ways to play with these...ice cubes, jello jigglers. I found them doing some internet searching and thought they were so great!

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