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I promise I will get my Dominican update posted soon.  The amount of pictures I took is a little overwhelming.  I'm trying to sort and edit a little every day. 

In the meantime, I'd thought I'd post about something very cool that I am excited about.  The Tennessean ran a story today on my family.  I haven't seen the newspaper yet, but Brian says we are on the front page.  I thought you all would like to take a peek at it.

Rachelle Darin, left, Krista Darin Lord, Marcia Darin and Stacy Darin Zepeda exercise together in Pinkerton Park.
Marcia, her daughters and granddaughters will do a triathlon in August. / Dipti Vaidya / The Tennessean

You can read the article here.  Thanks to my hubby for being the encouragement we all needed to get our little behinders off the couch on onto the pavement.  Love you baby.

Snapshots of the Dominican

We arrived home very late last night.  It was a full day of travel and we were all exhausted, but we had an amazing trip.  I have over 550 photos to prove it.  Here are just a few of the faces we saw along our journey.  I hope you enjoy them. More to come this weekend.

My hubby also wrote about the Dominican.  You can read about it here.

On a mission

It's 10:45 and I'm exhausted, in a good, hard work, kind of way. The girls and Brian are asleep and I'm writing on my iPhone in the dark. So this post will be brief. I wanted to thank you all so much for your prayers. They mean so much to us. I have tons of pictures from today but I'm just too tired to download them and we have to be up early to go back to Esperanza. I promise I will get some up tomorrow night. I'm dying to show you the faces of the sweet children we got to love on tonight. Sydney is so excited to see her two new best friends in the morning. I hate to see what happens when we have to say goodbye for good tomorrow. The kids loved all their gifts we gave them. It truly was like Christmas morning for them. Please be in prayer tomorrow as we feed the children and show the Jesus movie to them. Pray that many of the children will come to know the Lord as their personal Savior.

To Serve the Least of These

Tomorrow is the day.  A day we have been planning, for over a year.  Brian and I have a heart for missions.  We believe we are called to serve those less fortunate than ourselves.  We will soon get our chance to do just that.  The best part about it is that these two little girls will get to experience it all with us.

We would love your prayers.

1. For safety as we fly and safety as we drive through the Dominican Republic.  I've heard our van doesn't have seat belts.  Yikes!

2. Good health for all of us.  The dizziness has been really bad lately and I am just praying for some good days while we are there.

3. Most importantly, please pray for the hearts of the kids we will be ministering to.  We will be showing the Jesus Movie to them in Spanish.  My prayer is that many kids and adults, will come to know the Lord.

Thank you for coming on this journey with us.  You can follow our trip on Twitter @kristalord and @premierebrian or here on my blog.  

If you want to learn more about the organization we are going with or to sponsor a child, please visit Servants Heart Ministries.

Heat Wave

Y'all it's hot in Nashville.  We broke a record on Friday with high of 109 degrees.  It hasn't been that hot in Nashville ever since July 1952.   So what does one do when it is that hot outside?

We go camping of course.  The girls have been bugging us for months and we finally caved.  We went to Costco and got a pop up tent, which sets it self up in less than 10 seconds.  It's awesome.  The girls can both fit in it and it was under $30.  Total score.  Then it folds up flat for storage.

Ok, so they camped in the living room.  That still counts, right?  They had a blast.  Of course, a good camp out is not complete without S'mores.  We made oven S'mores.

Sydney helped me make these and I have to say, they were delish.  Just like the real thing and oh so easy to make.  Here are the directions:

Line a cookie sheet with tin foil.
Arrange mini marshmallow on graham crackers.
Put chocolate chips on top of marshmallows.
Stick in the oven on broil and take them out when the marshmallows turn brown.

Enjoy with your kiddos and imagine you are camping under the stars and listening to the crickets.

Finally, I saw this picture on Facebook and had to include it in my post, since I am talking about how stinkin hot it is here.  I saw this and it put the heat into perspective for me.

Oh Lord forgive me for complaining about the heat.  It is nothing compared to what our men and women have to endure on the front lines.  Please protect and guide them as they fight for our freedom. Amen.

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