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It's Friday and that means it's Show Us Your Life day. Thank you Kelly for hosting. I love my proposal story because I was completely caught off guard and surprised. I knew that we were going to get engaged, but I just didn't know when.

My poor hubby had everything planned out until one of his brothers ruined it. Here's what happened. I was at Brian's apartment and his brother Frank lived with him at the time. We were all sitting on the couch together watching a movie when all of a sudden, Frank blurts out, "Dad got film in his camera to make sure he can take pictures of you all this weekend when you propose". What? I pretended like I didn't hear, but that was a long shot because he was less than a foot away from me.

I felt so bad for Brian. I learned later that he had to come up with a different plan. It was Thanksgiving week and we were going to be heading up to Indiana on Thanksgiving day. Originally Brian had this elaborate set up in his grandparents backyard that is like a garden, but after Frank ruined it, he thought it was more important to surprise me than go on as planned.

Wednesday night we were having Thanksgiving with my family since we were going to be gone. As tradition in the Darin family, we all go around and say what we are thankful for and pray. We all stood around and were holding hands and Brian asked my dad earlier if he could pray. My dad said yes. At the end of his pray Brian said, "And Lord give me the strength to do what I am about to do". He dropped to one knee in front of my family and asked me to be my wife. Of course I said yes.

Before the proposal he asked my brother-in-law Bill to have his camera ready. I am so glad he asked Bill and not any of my sisters or my mom. He already knew my family. You see when he dropped down on one knee, my sisters all went running to find their cameras. A few of them were saying wait, wait. Like he was going to hold off on the proposal until they found their cameras. Yeah right.

I would like to note that I obviously was not expecting this or I would have dressed up a little more for the occasion. He had come from work so he looked really nice. I can still remember that moment almost ten years ago. It all worked out perfectly.


Brian Lord said...

Yeah, I was pretty proud of myself for orchestrating that, especially with all of the drama of the ring getting lost in the mail, Frank blowing the surprise, and knowing not one person in her family could keep a secret. I put the full story at for those with copious amounts of time to kill.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith said...

This is so cute! And how awesome that you have a picture :)

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