New Post......Finally

So, you know you haven't blogged in long time when you can't remember your password to sign into Blogger and then when you finally get in, Blogger has a new look.  Fantastic!

If I have any readers left, thank you for hanging in there with me.  We've had alot going on and frankly, I just lost my desire to blog.  Then I started feeling guilty because I hadn't been recording all these wonderful things that were happening with my girls and our family.  I hope to blog more in depth about all of these events, but for now, here is a recap.

My sweet baby turned 5.

She graduated from Preschool.

Brooklyn had her artwork on display at the prestigious Frist Center in Nashville.

I turned 40.

I became an aunt again to a beautiful nephew named Canaan.

So here is hoping I can blog more frequently because I never want to forgot all the wonderful things God is doing in our lives.  Even in the midst of the dessert, I am reminded that God is Good!!


L84sky said...

Glad you are back! :)

Krista said...

Thank you so much for hanging in there with me.

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