Tuesday's Tip- Are your Smartphone pictures luring predators?

I haven't done a Tuesday's Tip in forever, I apologize.  However, this video made me realize I had to post it for all of my readers to watch. If you have a smart phone, and take pictures with it, and then post those pictures onto your blog, Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else on the internet, you MUST watch this video.  You could be luring a predator straight to your doorstep and not even know it.

After I watched this video, I grabbed my iPhone to see if my camera GPS was turned off. Thankfully it was. Is yours? If not, please switch it off immediately. Please share this video with your friends and family members. If your child's grandparents take pictures of your kids and post them to their Facebook page and their GPS is turned on, they are potentially putting your child in harm's way. Please help me spread the word. Let's practice safe photography. :)


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