Trick Or Treat

I am officially "Halloweened" out.  I have to say I enjoy watching the kiddos have fun, but this is not my favorite holiday.  Truthfully, it never really has been.  I don't like most of what comes along with Halloween, but I allow my girls to dress up as long as it is completely innocent and non scary.  I tend to veer towards cute when it comes to picking out costumes.

Sydney has been saying she wanted to be a princess.  Big shocker there.  First she picked Sleeping Beauty.  We had the costume already, well my friend Brandy did anyway, so I borrowed it from her.  Then I went to Target and got her a blond wig.  She put it on and came running out of the bathroom screaming.  It was hilarious.  That was the end of that.  I guess seeing her self with blond hair freaked her out.

She then proclaimed that she would be Belle because she has brown hair.  Perfect, we have that dress too so I won't have to buy anything.  Win, win.

 I think she makes one beautiful Belle if I do say so myself.  Thanks to Auntie RoRo who came over and curled her hair.  I'm jealous of my daughter's hair.  It is so gorgeous.  Both my girls got lucky in that department.

Brooklyn decided she wanted to be Strawberry Shortcake.  Unlike Syd, she was determined to find a costume wear she could wear a red wig.  We settled on pink.

We had a great time in our neighborhood tonight.  We love our neighbors and feel incredibly blessed to live where we do.  We got home and the girls laid out all of their loot.

 We told the girls they couldn't keep all of their candy and that they needed to decide what they would keep and what they would donate.  Brooklyn was totally serious and I started cracking up when I saw her donate pile.  I don't think so baby girl.

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe time with your families tonight.  Who's ready for Thanksgiving?


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