Switcheroo Sunday-Ranch Dressing

Today's switcheroo is Hidden Valley Ranch dressing. My girls love to dip carrots in ranch dressing. It's one of their favorite snacks. Earlier this year I decided to take a look at the ingredients on the back of the bottle. One of the ingredients I saw that I knew was not good, was MSG. To go along with MSG was artificial flavors and EDTA, among many others. I knew I had to find another ranch dressing and it needed to be organic in order to get rid of the MSG. Usually when I do a switcheroo from regular to organic, I have to find another company to make the switch. With this ranch dressing, I was happy to know that Hidden Valley makes an Organic ranch.

The labels look the same don't they? Just one little difference, the word Organic. That's it.
The organic ranch has none of the bad stuff in it. I feel so much better giving this to the girls knowing they are not getting the chemicals like they were in the regular ranch. So what's the cost difference you ask? I always want to be able to provide that for you so you don't have sticker shock. Remember the switcheroo I did on the chocolate syrup? Brian read it and said, "Does chocolate syrup really cost that much"? He was experiencing sticker shock. Since he never buys groceries he has no idea what stuff costs. Thankfully, he's on board with the healthier change I've made for our family. I am so blessed.

You might be wondering how I am able to buy so many organic products especially in this economy. Here is my motto, "I care more about what goes in their bodies, then what they wear on their bodies." So basically, I spend more on food than I do on clothes. That doesn't mean my girls run around naked all the time, well that's not true, they love being naked. What it means is that I buy clothes at consignment sales & shops and off the 50% to 75% sale rack at Target. I rarely buy clothes that are not on sale unless it's a special occasion. I also save money because the girls pass down their clothes so that helps as well. Organic is more expensive, but to me it's worth it. I want to pass down a way of eating to the girls where it's just second nature to them. When they grow up and go out on their own, I want them to be educated on what is truly healthy for them.

So what is the cost difference? It's about $1.14. I buy the organic ranch at Publix, (Walmart doesn't carry the organic version) for $4.59. The original same size bottle of ranch is $3.45. Also, if you use the ranch dressing in the packets for dips and casserole's, it too has MSG in it. I have a chili recipe I make that calls for ranch dressing packet and I had to find one that didn't have MSG. Whole Foods carries one called "Simply Organic." I think it sells for $1.49 a packet.

So that's today switcheroo. Have a wonderful Sunday.


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